CAVE-MUSIC  Group is an independent music company located in the UK and Switzerland. We combine several departments, such as labels, booking, local promotion, publishing, label services and an in-house sync agency. Our focus is to bring domestic artists and their music into the world – and international artists into our home territories GAS and the rest of Europe including UK.


With  NEWIE we are helping newcomers to take their first steps into the music world. We’re offering label services, workshops and consulting to help you kickstart your career.


We mainly focusses on genres Indie-Pop, Alternative, Rock, Metal, Blues and Soul We strategically plan releases and take care of the related organisation and coordination. We work in the fields of digital distribution, playlist pitching, store campaigns, online promotion, social media marketing, radio plugging, club promotion, sync pitching, B2B networks, showcases and more.

Through our Services customers can book different offers. We help you finding the best services for your campaign. We offer individual actions and consulting regarding your overall strategy and support you in digital distribution, playlist pitching, product management and coordination, all kinds of marketing actions, sync pitching, network introductions and pitching, as well as reporting and monitoring. We’ll be happy to find the best services for you and your goals. 


Our Booking system works with the same focus on transparency and honesty, and operates as a national and international booking agency for partners worldwide. In addition to advanced structures and strong professionalism, the passion that the agency feels for each artist is the decisive factor for long-term, trusting cooperation. Beyond the domestic market in Germany, Filter Booking oversees all European and UK booking, and thus able to offer complex tours and campaigns as a complete package from one source. Their experience in the international arena enables the agency to offer tailor-made solutions for each act.


With our Radio Service, we have our own 24/7 Radio Station, providing non-top Golden Oldies and Newies. Please contact us, to get your music in our Radio playlist.

Cave-Music Group Ltd Office 32 19-21 Crawford Street, London W1H 1PJ England
Email:  Info@cave-music.com

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